Kärntens erster Klimaschutzmarkt – Gratulation!

sustinable flagship store

First sustainable flagship store in Carinthia completed

Congratulations to SPAR for the completion of the first sustainable flagship storeKLIMASCHUTZMARKT – in Klagenfurt (Carinthia)!

We are happy to announce that it reached the highest standards of the German quality label for sustainable construction (DGNB) and hence gained the platinum award from the Austrian sustainable building council (ÖGNI).

Outstanding qualities

Some of the  outstanding qualities of this supermarket were highlighted during its official opening yesterday (29.11.2016):

  • very efficient energy use leads to a minimisation of environmental impacts
  • photovoltaic modules on the roof provide the store with electricity
  • charging stations for e-bikes, cars and other devides are available for pulic use
  • choice of materials followed an elaborate process in order to comply with highest standards when it comes to health and environmental risks
  • costs remained within reasonable bounds leading to a very good rating
  • light comfort – optimisation of daylight availability throughout the planning process
  • barrier-free access to all areas ensures social inclusion
  • high process quality throughout the integral planning process and construction

Daxner & Merl supports SPAR during the development and construction of flagship stores – KLIMASCHUTZMÄRKTE. These outstanding projects comply with highest standards when it comes to sustainability.

In addition, all newly built SPAR stores are awarded with the German quality label for sustainable construction. Therefore serial certification – SERIENZERTIFIZIERUNG – developed by Daxner & Merl leads to a significant decrease of time effort and cost.

image: Omansiek architects