decision support for historic buildings



In this project, Daxner & Merl participated in an interdisciplinary planning process for one of Vienna’s historic objects. The feasibility study included the architectural and technical concept which was complemented by an environmental impact assessment and life cycle costing study.


Life cycle assessment (LCA) formed the basis for the environmental impact assessment.

This method evaluates environmental impacts from cradle to grave including the provision of raw materials, its conversion to construction products, energy demand and maintenance during use as well as end of life scenarios. As a result, conclusions and recommendations with regard to climate protection, air quality, promotion of renewable energy carriers and the minimisation of energy demand could be drawn.

In addition, life cycle costing represents a suitable descision support tool as it enables the comparison of each scenario based on its net present value. Therefore, life-cycle related costs for the whole period under study were calculated.

Due to the evaluation of economic, environmental, technical als well as design aspects of each scenario, a holistic approach for decision support was provided.